I’m very happy to announce Akumu’s latest release “Transmissions EP” on the PingThings net-label!

“Transmissions” is a series of short, abstract pieces that delve into Akumu’s interest in messages hidden within messages, of sounds between sounds, of communications that are slightly beyond our perception… beyond our reach.

Built upon recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, “Transmissions” creates a world of tones, clicks, squelches and pulses – a space that lies between calm drones and arrhythmical noise. Within that space, much like the world around us, perhaps there is something more? A place where lost transmissions reside.

“Transmissions” by Akumu is available for free download as a 62 Mb Zip file containing the full release in high quality 320kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing.

Get “Transmissions” from the following:
- (62MB Zip download)
- (PingThings Label)
- (Download/Streaming Details)

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Akumu’s 6th full-length entitled “Between Worlds” on CD, DVD and MP3!

Recorded and mixed in stereo and full surround-sound, the new disc is 8 tracks of haunting drones, nebulous beats and ethereal crackles. At times calming and at times unsettling, “Between Worlds” draws deeper into an ambient score of dirges, guitar-based atmospheres and unearthly landscapes.

Between Worlds” is available in 5 editions: digital/mp3, cd, dvd, limited-edition combo-pack and an exclusive collector’s box.

To hear samples, download MP3s or purchase the CD or DVD click here.

Available from:
iTunes | PingThings | Bandcamp | CD Baby

I’m extremely pleased to announce the release of new music from Akumu on the brilliant Panospria label.

Descent” is 4 long-form ambient pieces that are based on field recordings captured within train stations, banks and other large structures. After digitally ground down and reformed into miniscule parts, an imaginary “molecular soundtrack” emerges to get lost in.

Download “Descent by Akumu” for free:

Read more about “Descent by Akumu”:

Discover more music from Panospria:

Our final release as part of Akumu’s 10th year celebration, “Magmas” has been re-issued and is now available on CD Baby and iTunes in CD and Downloadable formats!

We also have some limited stock of “Magmas” of the limited-edition hand-packaged version still available from our good friends at

- Magmas on iTunes (Downloadable)

- Magmas on (CD & MP3)

- Magmas (Limited-Edition Version) on

Continuing Akumu’s 10th year celebration, Fluxes now has been re-issued and is now available on CD Baby and iTunes in CD and Downloadable formats!

We also have some limited stock on the limited-edition hand-packaged versions available from our good friends at

- Fluxes on iTunes (Downloadable)

- Fluxes on (CD & MP3)

- Fluxes (Limited-Edition Version) on

In the next couple of weeks Magmas will be available.

“Akumu S/T” now on iTunes & CDBaby

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Akumu so we’re re-issuing the first 3 Akumu CDs in the next month or so. The first re-issue is now ready and now Akumu’s very first CD is available on iTunes and on CDBaby in CD and MP3 formats.

- Akumu on iTunes

- Akumu on

- Akumu on (*)

* if you’re looking for a copy in the original digipack edition with silver printing, please visit our friends over at!

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