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I’m very happy to announce Akumu’s latest release “Transmissions EP” on the PingThings net-label!

“Transmissions” is a series of short, abstract pieces that delve into Akumu’s interest in messages hidden within messages, of sounds between sounds, of communications that are slightly beyond our perception… beyond our reach.

Built upon recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, “Transmissions” creates a world of tones, clicks, squelches and pulses – a space that lies between calm drones and arrhythmical noise. Within that space, much like the world around us, perhaps there is something more? A place where lost transmissions reside.

“Transmissions” by Akumu is available for free download as a 62 Mb Zip file containing the full release in high quality 320kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing.

Get “Transmissions” from the following:
- http://archive.org/download/PTNR032/PTNR032.zip (62MB Zip download)
- http://www.pingthings.com (PingThings Label)
- http://archive.org/details/PTNR032 (Download/Streaming Details)

New Compilation Track from Kalte

The Akumu side-project, “Kalte” has a new track on the “Quiet Drones 4″ compilation from the paper+sound label. “Quiet Drones 4″ is the latest installment in the continuing compilation series of experimental ambient drone music. This edition focuses on the theme of winter cold and features music from Atonement, Chromosphere, dreamSTATE and Heiki.
To preview and purchase the new release and to hear more great music from paper+sound, follow this link: http://www.paperplusound.com/wordpress/?p=1802

I’m extremely pleased to announce the release of new music from Akumu on the brilliant Panospria label.

Descent” is 4 long-form ambient pieces that are based on field recordings captured within train stations, banks and other large structures. After digitally ground down and reformed into miniscule parts, an imaginary “molecular soundtrack” emerges to get lost in.

Download “Descent by Akumu” for free: http://www.archive.org/compress/pan056

Read more about “Descent by Akumu”: http://www.notype.com/drones/cat.e/pan_056/

Discover more music from Panospria: http://www.notype.com/drones/catalogue.e/panospria/

New Akumu coming on Panospria in April

A couple of years in the making… I’m thrilled to announce that a new Akumu release is coming out in April on Panospria.

More details coming soon!

Akumu 3-Disc Boxset Now Available!

Akumu Boxset Inside

Akumu Boxset Exterior with Discs

The new Akumu 3-Disc Boxset is now available and is on sale at pingthings.com for only $60!

To celebrate 10 years of Akumu, David Keyes has designed and produced a gorgeous package that holds the Magmas and Fluxes CDs and the Tapeten DVD. Each disc comes with an 8-page booklet of artwork and is individually hand-made and wrapped.

This is an *extremely* limited release, so head on over to pingthings.com to grab one.

*** Note: If you already own Magmas, Fluxes and Tapeten, we would gladly make you a custom box to hold them and complete the set. Contact me for details (akumu [at] spiderrecords [dot] com) ***

Akumu Box-Set Coming Soon!

To celebrate 10 years of Akumu, I’m releasing a limited-edition 3-disc Box Set of my most recent releases: Tapeten DVD, Fluxes CD and Magmas CD.

The set will be sold in a super-nice hand-crafted package designed by the amazing Mr. David Keyes. Numbers will be *very* limited on this release, so if you are interested in getting one, send me a note.

Pricing and photographs will be coming soon. I can’t wait for you to see it!

“Tapeten” New DVD from Akumu


I’m very happy to announce the release of the “Tapeten DVD” from Akumu.

Tapeten is a collection of 12 creepy, experimental, abstract videos produced for the music of Akumu for projection during live performances. Available now for home viewing, these images provide eerie explorations of the evolution and mutation of natural systems, internal structures and biological processes.

Tapeten features new remixes of material originally released on Akumu’s Magmas and Fluxes plus two exclusive new tracks, “amgbtr” and “vaxant” mixed and mastered in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

Tapeten is on sale in Limited Edition packaging or Standard DVD packaging from our friends at Ping Things.


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