I’m very happy to announce that Akumu is performing live on Tuesday, October 29 at SUPERMARKET, Toronto with Mara’s Torment and Kalte as part of the Ambient Ping series.

I’ll be playing some pieces from “Transmissions“, some new tracks and re-interpretting some older material.

Hope to see you there!!
- Deane

The AmbientPing
Tues. Oct. 29th @ Supermarket . 268 Augusta Ave.
Kensington Market . just south of College. Map + info here
PiNG doors open at 8:00pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10


Join Akumu and SubZeroArts once again for our latest installation at Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau on September 21st 2013!

SubZeroArts are very pleased to announce that our light/sound installation “Pillars of Light” will make its debut at Club SAW in Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday September 21st, 2013 as part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa Gatineau! Inspired by the beauty of outer space, “Pillars of Light” is a brand new participatory environment designed for NBOG where movement influences a series of illuminated columns within a three dimensional space, creating an active linkage between the audience and their environment through an evolving aural/optical spectacle that evokes nebulae, auroras and other interplanetary phenomena.

For more information:
Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau 2013
SAW Gallery
About SubZeroArts

For the months of January and February, SubZeroArts is presenting “The Sound Is Watching You” exhibit at the New Adventures in Sound Art gallery in the Wychwood Barns (601 Christie, Toronto)

“The Sound is Watching You” is a surround-sound and visual experience that responds to audience participation, where audience movement is transformed into a symphony of constantly morphing and re-generating music and light.

Gallery Times and Dates are:
Fri January 18 – 12-3 pm
Sun January 20 – 12-5 pm – Art’s Birthday opening
Friday January 25 – 12-3 pm
Friday February 1 – 12-3 pm
Saturday February 2 – 10-3 pm
Friday February 8 – 12-3 pm
Saturday February 9 – 10-3 pm
Friday February 15 – 12-3 pm
Saturday February 16 – 10-3 pm
Monday February 18 – 1-4 pm

Be sure to drop by the NAISA Gallery (601 Christie Street @ St. Clair, Toronto) and experience our multimedia experience, “The Sound Is Watching You!“.

Find out more about New Adventures in Sound Art.

Kalte Live with Steven Severin

We’re thrilled to announce that Kalte, my ambient side-project with Rik Maclean from Mara’s Torment, is performing alongside Steven Severin, ex of Souisxie and the Banshees, this Friday and Saturday.

Steven will be presenting his 3rd in his series of Music for Silents and promises to be a stellar performance.

Details for the shows are:

Friday, November 9th at Wolf Theatre, London, Ontario

Saturday, November 10th at Nocturne, Toronto, Ontario

If you are interested in advanced tickets, please contact KALTE at

Hope to see you there!!!

Akumu at Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012!

Are you coming to Ottawa this weekend for their inaugural Nuit Blanche event??

If you are, make sure to drop by the SAW Gallery (67 Nicolas Street) and experience our latest multimedia experience, “LIGHT SOUND PLAY!“.

This, the latest from SubZeroArts, is an all-ages, interactive experience in video and sound that feeds on audience participation. As you move, you create the experience for all of us to enjoy…

Art created by you!

Hope to see you there for this all-night art-extravagana!

p.s. If you are interested in supporting this artist-funded project, donations small and large are welcome here:

Video from “Transmissions”

Here is a short, abstract video inspired from my latest release “Transmissions EP” on the PingThings net-label!

“Transmissions” was built on recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, and is available for free download from PingThings.

Hope you like it!

Get “Transmissions” here:
- (62MB Zip download)
- (PingThings Label)
- (Download/Streaming Details)

I’m very happy to announce Akumu’s latest release “Transmissions EP” on the PingThings net-label!

“Transmissions” is a series of short, abstract pieces that delve into Akumu’s interest in messages hidden within messages, of sounds between sounds, of communications that are slightly beyond our perception… beyond our reach.

Built upon recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, “Transmissions” creates a world of tones, clicks, squelches and pulses – a space that lies between calm drones and arrhythmical noise. Within that space, much like the world around us, perhaps there is something more? A place where lost transmissions reside.

“Transmissions” by Akumu is available for free download as a 62 Mb Zip file containing the full release in high quality 320kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing.

Get “Transmissions” from the following:
- (62MB Zip download)
- (PingThings Label)
- (Download/Streaming Details)

Akumu Live! Sat May 26 @ Toika

Join us Saturday, May 26th in Toronto at Toika Lounge (471 Richmond Street West) for an evening of Electronic Music!

Featuring: Live Performances by Matt Thibideau and Akumu
DJs: Marshall Dragun, Razorgrrl, Jairus Khan
Visuals by Hugh Elliott

This is the second event of the United Electronic Audio Workers of Toronto and is a pay-what-you-want event in support of electronic artists.

Hope to see you there!

More details here:

New Compilation Track from Kalte

The Akumu side-project, “Kalte” has a new track on the “Quiet Drones 4″ compilation from the paper+sound label. “Quiet Drones 4″ is the latest installment in the continuing compilation series of experimental ambient drone music. This edition focuses on the theme of winter cold and features music from Atonement, Chromosphere, dreamSTATE and Heiki.
To preview and purchase the new release and to hear more great music from paper+sound, follow this link:

If you are in the Toronto area this weekend drop by the “Come Up To My Room” design/art show at the Gladstone Hotel.

Akumu has a new multi-point 3D audio soundscape exhibit which immerses a unique reactive sculpture piece created by Christine Beaumont.

The show is running from Thursday January 26 to Sunday January 29.

For more information, visit or

Hope to see you there!

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